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Decoration of a limousine for a wedding: key points that should be mentioned

It is understood that wedding procession should stand out from the crowd so the car of bridal couple must look bright and smart. Hiring a limo is reasonable decision due to plenty of reasons but take into account that wedding limo should be appropriately decorated.

Styles of decorations are changing in course of time but anyway they must have some unique element for underlining individuality.

The most fashionable and that’s why demanded décor elements are the following:

  1.      wedding rings or two hearts that are decorated by flowers;
  2.      stripes that are usually placed along all the limo (color is selected individually);
  3.      car stickers with various images, photos or slogans;
  4.      flowers, balloons and other celebrating elements.

In most cases wedding limo service includes decoration of a car but you may arrange details of décor. When you want something special, be ready to pay extra.

You may also order decoration in specialized companies but at first arrange such possibility with managers of a company where you are going to hire a limo

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