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Limousine for wedding: old trends or timeless classics?

Some people think that hiring a limo for wedding celebration is old-fashioned tendency. But in fact the service may be called timeless classics. Gorgeous auto may become the key element of the ceremony.

Foremost photos near a limo are extremely stylish. Moreover a limousine rental allows complete planning of a ride: music, beverages, special decorations. Unforgettable memories are guaranteed.

Nowadays companies that offer such service are rather numerous and selection of the best auto is not complicated decision. You are able to pick up the auto class, décor, conditions of a ride and other specifications. Drivers are mostly qualified and experienced so force-majors are excluded.

Limousines are suitable for wedding in any style: traditional, contemporary, themed ones and so on.

Take into account also the capacity of a limo. Stretch models are suitable for about 8-10 people, SUV limo’s capacity is about 12-15 people while vans may comprise about 20 guests or even more with bride couple of course.

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