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Limousine rental: types of limos, their characteristics, popular models and prices

Comfort and luxury style are appreciated by all people and a gorgeous limo is integral element of the highest social status. Limousine rental is becoming more and more popular. This service is now accessible for those people who adore travelling in convenient atmosphere enjoying the ride.

Limousines appeared in the USA at the beginning of the XX century. The first one was constructed by Henry Leland, the founder of Cadillac and Lincoln companies. Since then limos had been developed fundamentally.

Nowadays companies offer various limousine classes for rental:

  •         stretch limos;

This variant is classical. Such limos can be seen in films and prices for their rental are quite affordable. The most popular models are Lincoln limos.

  •         SUV limos;

Such cars are more spacious. Some models host more than 20 people. SUV limos are more contemporary and the most popular models are Hummer, Mercedes, Cadillac and Porsche.

  •         retro limos.

Exquisite and elegant autos that are frequently hired for special events like wedding, prom, etc. Usually the most expensive ones.

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